Rome, eternally beautiful

It was a first for me, Maya and Nila. But even for Raj, these four days we just spent in Rome revealed new sides of this beautiful city. Everyone told us before that we’d love it and sometimes, I get a bit worried that my high expectations would lead to disappointment. Not this time around. It really was unique, just so special and it’s hard to say why.


Of course, there is the obvious beauty of ancient monuments, the wonderful simplicity of the food and the Romans themselves, but it’s hard to pinpoint why walking around this city just feels so familiar, so welcoming. And walking we did – a lot! But we were happy to have that exercise, to excuse the 3rd gelato in a day or the 2nd pizza.



We’ll be back, no doubt! Soon!


In the meantime, browse our huge Rome gallery online, mostly credit to our family photographer Nila.

Rome, eternally beautiful

Year 6 final production – Nila’s real good bye to Junior School

It was a performance month for Nila, no doubt. But next to the Rabarber production, this Year 6 production was giant. Four Year 6 classes getting together to perform “The Arrival” on two evenings. It was soooo cooool. Just right. Very professional, moving, funny. Simply brilliant.

IMG_1327 IMG_1335

Films and more pictures of the performance are totally worth watching – click here.

Year 6 final production – Nila’s real good bye to Junior School

Nila’s first Rabarber performance

Rabarber is a huge theater school in Den Haag, which also offers English classes, so Nila gave it a go this year and concluded the term with the performance of “Cinderella” by Roald Dahl, something quite different from the classic story.


Here’s the beginning:

I guess you think you know this story.
You don’t. The real one’s much more gory.
The phoney one, the one you know,
Was cooked up years and years ago,
And made to sound all soft and sappy
just to keep the children happy.

Keep on reading it here, if you like.


And take a peek at Nila’s performance of it too, here.

Nila’s first Rabarber performance

Maya’s first ISST

Gathering the energy to go to the BSN swim training late on Thursday afternoon after an early morning swim training and a long day at school hasn’t always been easy for the girls, but Maya’s first ISST competition showed how worth it was. From year 8, the kids can be selected for a team in their sport to compete with different international schools from all over Europe and the world. Last year, the swim team went to the Olympic Aquatics center in London, this year the event was hosted here in Holland, by the BSN and the American school.

IMG_1146 IMG_1155

So, instead of travel, we got to host two swimmers from Zurich – interesting experience – and Maya competed as one of the youngest in a team with kids all the way up to year 13. A a little intimated at first, it turned out to be a wonderful milestone-experience for Maya, with an amazing team atmosphere, great individual races for Maya – she made it into a few finals – and a second place overall for the team. We were so happy for Maya and so glad for her to see and feel that sport is not only endless tough trainings, but that it also opens doors to new experiences, new friends. Even Nila was part of this as medal girl on one day.

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image1 16832058872_23708309fb_o

Maya’s first ISST


March was a big month for us – two birthdays, two holidays, reports and so much more. It began with a sunny break in Dubai, perhaps our last chance of visiting Aparna, Rana and Ankit there. We were so lucky with the weather, because our first day there was apparently the first clear day after days of sandstorm. We enjoyed it to the full, with lots of swimming in pool and sea, hanging out with Momo and lots of yummy food in the malls.

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